playing cards

the world's finest playing cards from Studio52

playing cards

Curated by world renowned sleight of hand artist Benjamin Earl.
Supplied by Studio52.

Studio52 has teamed up with The United States Playing Card Company to provide the highest quality playing cards at the best possible prices—making your classic everyday carry more reliable and affordable!

These days it’s normal to pay at least £5 for any standard deck—of which the quality is often uncertain. We feel that this is unacceptable. To remedy this, we guarantee the highest quality at more reasonable prices. All shipping from London, UK.


Our curated decks are staples in the library of cards produced by The United States Playing Card Company —who have manufactured the finest playing cards since the late 1800’s. We believe this longevity comes from their quality, feel and unassuming design.


Rider BackThe Magic Classic

The most popular cards of choice for magicians worldwide

£2.50 +P+P

Circle BackOur Personal Favourite

The most reliable and soft stock in the world with our favourite design

£2.50 +P+P

Fan BackOur Favourite Alternative

A beautiful alternative to the Circle back design for those who love the Tally-Ho feel

£2.50 +P+P

Diamond BackThe Gambling Classic

The finest in borderless cards, perfect for anyone who loves card table/gambling work

£3.00 +P+P

Take your passion for magic further


We have over 32 hours of amazing content in our live online magic courses The Deep Magic Seminars.


We have three volumes of Ben Earl’s new book series—The Shift. A stunning collection of modern design, direct effects, efficient technique and unique theory.


If you are looking for classic card magic books to read, we have a small curated list of books that we highly recommend you add to your library.

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