Brilliant Basics 2

Brilliant Basics 2


A four day course on mastering fundamental card magic technique. This second instalment of Brilliant Basics will focus heavily on controls and switches—while building on the work from Brilliant Basics 1. You will not only learn new sleight of hand techniques but new ways to apply and practice them. The ultimate goal is to inspire you, give you new tools and see the basics in brand new ways. 

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Natural handling 

Elmsley Count

A Casual Display

Ascanio Open display 

Adding cards to a packet

Braue Addition. 

Vernon Addition 

Allerton Switch 

Merlin Switch

Kaps Switch 

Multiple packet switches

The Side steal

Triple Dribble Control

The Shuffle Pass 

Invisible Pass 

Multiple Lift Shuffle Control 

Grismer Cull

Multiple Shift 

Mischief Control 

Casual Open Placement

And much more…


Experience required: beginner

Aimed at: beginner, intermediate, advanced

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