‘Dave is the Best’ – Wristband

‘Dave is the Best’ – Wristband


“Dave is the best.

There are many contenders to the throne, but none of them compare to Dave. Dave doesn’t like being called the best, in fact he hates it—exactly what you’d expect from the best. If you see another devotee of Dave, feel free to dance or sing about his bestness. If you see Dave, be calm and respectful. We are united in our devotion and love for Dave—because he is the best.

Join us… but don’t tell Dave.”

•All Proceeds from the bands will go towards a donation to the charity Mind.•

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All bands are made using our patented ‘infinite loop’ technology from many tons of discarded thumb tips, torn cards and crushed racoon eyes.

Each band has been mixed with a single tear from Dave’s face. Therefore, once the band is on your wrist you are able to access part of his soul.

Each band was lovingly assembled within clouds of chemicals by crying children in a secret factory east of the UK—their small hands able to carve out each letter in record time.

Join us and millions of others in our support of Dave through these highly unique wrist adornments.


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