The Art of Palming

The Art of Palming


A four day course on mastering the fundamentals of palming. Ben will go into great detail on developing the ability to palm deceptively and practically. Not only will many techniques be covered—from top, bottom, left hand and right hand—but the psychology and practice methods behind palming so that you can palm with confidence. This course is for those who love palming and those who are interested in adding palming into their work… but haven’t yet.

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Berg palm, 

Erdnase Single Top Palm

Erdnase Multiple Top Palm

Bottom Palm

Diagonal Palm Shift

The Cop, 

The Side Steal to full Palm

Right handed Bottom Palm 

One-handed Top Palm 

One-handed Bottom Palm

Paintbrush Palm, 

Riffle Shuffle Palm, 

Lowry Palm, 

Palm-to-Palm Transfer 

Card Muck

Gesture Palms, 

Palm Positions, 

Natural Body Movement, 

Palming psychology 

Practice Methods, 


And more…



Anywhere Card To Pocket (improv)

Paper Switch 

Turbo Palm Transpo 

Mr Invisible 


Experience required: beginner

Aimed at: beginner, intermediate, advanced

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