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An extremely magical transposition of two folded and signed playing cards; one held in the hand of the spectator and one held in full view at the performer's fingertips. 


Just a Second

A new technical approach to the classic stop trick: the cards are shuffled and dealt one at a time, the spectator says stop whenever they wish… it is their selection. 


Out of Oil

An outrageously direct handling of 'Out Of This World' which feels like real magic. The spectator genuinely shuffles the deck and deals the cards into two piles. The performer doesn’t touch the deck once they start dealing… yet both halves are perfectly separated into reds and blacks. 


The Overhand DPS

A technique for executing a Diagonal Palm Shift within a casual Overhand Shuffle.


The Combination Shuffle

One of the most innocent and deceptive looking Overhand False Shuffles you will ever see. 



A New Angle

An essay which may change the way you hold a deck of cards forever—and improve all of your sleights in the process!

The Art of Practice

A unique set of training drills to improve any magic technique using nothing but a rubber ball.

Influence and Deception

The first in a series of essays dealing with the nature of deception and its relationship to magic. This 'type' of information and research has previously only been available within UK military/government groups. 

Written by Ben Earl

Published by Studio52

Made in the U.K.

110 pages



Studio52 is proud to present the first in a series of special books by Ben Earl.


The Shift is an ambitious undertaking: presenting powerful magic effects, technique and theory in brand-new ways—creating a unique literary magic resource and a great cover-to-cover read.


Not only will each volume of The Shift contain powerful effects and techniques, but with regular articles on the art of practice and the nature of deception, it will present new methods for supercharging your skills, and new insights into the psychology of magic.


The Shift is specifically designed to assist you as you learn, to be read on-the-go but also look great on your bookshelf. It is a high-quality, full colour, hard-backed publication—with every element produced in collaboration with industry experts. 


The layout, colours, typeface and photographs are more than just stylistic choices; everything has been intentionally designed with the reader's learning and enjoyment in mind. The Shift dives beneath the surface of magic and gives you answers to problems you didn’t know you had.

Ben’s intention for The Shift was not only to give readers powerful, practical magic, but to create a resource which stimulates new conversations and attitudes towards the art and craft of magic. This is not your average magic book, it goes much deeper.


The current magic market strives to make you a better consumer of magic products not a better magician. The artistic integrity of the community has been heavily compromised by commercial interest and a lack of direction. In this environment it is extremely challenging to avoid the superficial and find something more fulfilling—but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Studio52 is dedicated to providing an alternative vision; a level of engagement which will 'give' rather than 'take', nurture rather than exploit. Something to enrich our passion and strengthen our connection to the art and craft of magic. Together we can design something better. We can go deeper and create new opportunities. 


The future isn’t somewhere we go tomorrow, but something we build today. 


Founder & Managing Director

One of the world's leading magic thinkers and technicians. He is the visionary behind Studio52 and is responsible for all produced content and output.


General Manager

A magic and luxury retail expert, specialising in problem-solving and business management. He runs all day-to-day business operations at Studio52.


Creative Consultant

10+ years of experience working in Hollywood as an executive and producer; his personal relationships in film, TV, fashion and magic are invaluable to the Studio52 concept.


Head of Visual Content

Extremely talented photographer, videographer and musician. He directs and produces all the visual/aesthetic content at the heart of Studio52.



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